Cityscape - gregbenz
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Stranger than Fiction

The Chinese are fascinated with height. Skyscrapers are a given (the entire foreground of this photo was farmland just over 20 years ago), but they seem to be blown away by tall people. I visited the Jin Mao Tower (the one in the front that looks like a golden asparagus spear) with a buddy of mine. I'm pretty tall, but my buddy absolutely towers over the locals at 6'6". When he'd come around some corner and surprise some group of women, they'd just look up and laugh at how huge he was. So while, while were waiting in line to ride the elevator to the top of Jin Mao, there was a cardboard model of the tower and Chinese tourists were lining up to take my friend's picture next to it - as if he were some giant looming over Shanghai.

Technical details: Single exposure edited with Lightroom and my Lumenzia panel in Photoshop

ChinaHuangpu RiverJin Mao TowerLumenziaOriental Pearl TowerPudong skyscrapersShanghai skyline at the blue hourluminosity maskluminosity maskingview from World Financial Center