Cityscape - gregbenz
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Eye See All Who Come and Go

I waited 27 minutes (according to the timestamp on my photos) to get this shot. I literally picked the worst possible moment. Hundreds of patrons where streaming up these white stairs to see the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra. These are these little moments that just turn comical, as every passing person unwittingly tells you something about themselves. There's the person who could care less and just walk past you as if you aren't there (maybe it's for the best, they probably just think I'm in the way). There are the people who feel bad and try to hurry by as fast as possible (even though the stairs were full of guests from top to bottom, so one person hurrying does me no good). And there are the people who try to offer me the courtesy of waiting (also not paying much attention to the fact that their act of kindness does me no good with all the other people scurrying up the steps). I did get some pretty cool blur shots with masses of people moving by, so maybe I'll post one of those in the future.

DSC3438LumenziaPhilharmonie Luxembourgall seeing eyeluminosity maskwhite stairs